Semi-dry Floor Screed

Many modern materials require perfectly smooth and high-quality foundation. So often the question arises: how to level the surface? This is a very laborious, time-consuming and messy process that has a very long production cycle of drying and maturation. We would like to offer a new technology that can level floor in a few days. It is semi-dry screed of fiber. It's easy to install and allow our clients to go to the finishing works in the shortest possible terms. For laying the screed, we use a screeding robot, that allows us to perform work very quickly and professionally with min tolerance. The LOM 110 is the newest product of a series of automatic floor screeding tools developed by the Italian company Lomar. The robot is compact enough to fit through doors and other small openings and it can be disassembled for for conveyance to the operational floor.

Where to Use

Prior to the installation of wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tiles, natural stone, carpet or any other flooring where rapid drying is required for short installation times. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Some Application Examples

Formation of screeds set to light foot traffic after 12 hours and completely dry after 7 days, for laying resilient and wooden flooring. Formation of screeds on which ceramic tiles and natural stone can be laid after 3 days. Patching and repairing floor screeds where rapid restoration is required. See also: micro concrete flooring and liquid screeds.
Benefits of our floor screed
Screed Machine
The best materials and equipment

We provide perfect materials and absolutely responsible for its quality. We use the best GREEN HANDS dry mix for floor screed, considerably upgraded in 2015 and greatly exceeding in its properties to any other analogues. We use powerful floor screed conveyors, screeding robot, power trowels that are the best in innovation, quality and service.

German technology

We do a dry screed GREEN HANDS continuously — 7 days a week, 12 months a year. Contacting us — you contact to the experts! We work on 100% original GREEN HANDS technology.

German technology
Top specialists
Top specialists

Our European specialists are certified by GREEN HANDS and have experience in dry screeding more than 5 years. We work honestly and officially. We do everything to make you calm.

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