The Role Of Microconcrete Floors

Concrete floors are widely in demand due to the look and feel they bring to any business or residential building with a contemporary decor. Flooring made of micro concrete brings a clean and sleek feel to apartments styled in industrial theme. Paired with other attributes made of glass, steel or other modern materials in neutral shades, they make amazingly attractive and at the same time practical homes.

Low Resistance Of Microcement Floors Toward Cracking

Concrete flooring has a single disadvantage - it's prone to cracking. Yet, skillful interior designers easily turn this feature into a benefit. Stained floor with random cracks brings an organic look to an industrial interior. Anyway, if the homeowner considers these cracks large enough to spoil the entire charm of the space, there is a wide array of decorative treatments that can be applied. You can choose matt, satin or gloss finish while staining the floor will add an antique charm to the space around.

Affordable Prices

Decorative art concrete floors are generally economical, yet they are available in different price ranges. The difference in the costs depends on such factors as the level of details, the size of the entire project, used materials, the brand, etc. And if you can't afford to obtain slate or stone floors, polished concrete is the best way.

Impressive Benefits of Cement Floors

Micro-Topping Polished Concrete features a series of benefits including amazing adhesion properties, great protection against freeze and salt corrosion, water resistance. These are versatile options and can be laid upon old floors without any need to remove them. They are innovative and enduring in any environment whether it's too dry or humid. Ordering high-quality cement floor from the most reliable company in the industry, you will not only financially benefit, but also become the owner of a renovated apartment or office that attracts with its rustic industrial interior. Your cement sand screed floor will be laid by European specialists with years of experience. Before you choose low-quality linoleum or too expensive hardwood material, it's definitely worth considering lasting, sensibly priced and uniquely handsome microcement floors. Find out more to back up your correct choice. You can also choose semi-dry screed.

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