Microtopping Floor: more than 50 shades of grey

What colours are available?

Our microtopping coating are available in two standard colors, white and grey, but you can still get the color you prefer. During the mixing phase, we can add a special pigment available in several colors that allow a result warm and cozy, or soft and relaxing, with a natural effect more or less marked, depending on your taste and style. It is possible to obtain many combinations of microtopping colours.
The intensity and shade of colour will vary, depending on the quantity of pigment used. Indeed, the colour table only offers a rough guide: it will be our task to provide samples based on the customer’s requests. It is also possible to create effects such as polished, silky, cloudy and acid stain. Additionally, Green Hands can provide shades and decorative inserts to create unique, personalized finishes with great aesthetic effect and chic.

If you ever want to change the colour of the surfaces once created

There is no easier! We just sand and reapply Microtopping. This procedure is especially useful for the restoration and renewal of surfaces such as, for example, the change of use of commercial premises.

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