PVC Modular Floor

PVC flooring tiles are made of primary PVC and provide an excellent durability. Flexible, homogeneity and heat-insulating materials make the floor pleasant for different areas: working, public or private premises.
Range of Use:
  • Commercial Property
  • Production & Distribution Facilities
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Service Centers
  • Entrances, Lobbies and Outdoor Flooring
  • Shipbuilding, Railway Coach Manufacturing
  • Shopping and Recreation Centers
  • Sport Facilities and GYMs
  • Water Pools, Indoor Water Parks, Showers
  • Social Facilities, Schools, Kindergartens
  • Eco-friendly & safety. Completely non-toxic floor allowed to use in a-b room types
  • Multiple use & cheap install will save the budget
  • Quick & easy installation 1 m2 = 1 min
  • Load up to 500 ton per 1 m2. Resistant to dynamic force
  • Customization – any color according to ral
  • Size – from 250 to 500 mm thickness –
  • from 5 to 16 mm hardness – from 40 to 94 units (shore hardness)
  • Modules attaches to each other like puzzles
  • Safety antiskid effect. Non-slipping surface even when the floor
  • is wet
  • Installation on inclined surfaces
  • Oil-and-petrol & chemical resistance
  • High sound absorption & vibration resistance
  • Permanent unwashable and non-erasable color
Lead containing stabilizers are not used. The products of modular PVC floor in relation to its reaction to re behavior are classified as Bn and in reaction to smoke production as S1, which conforms to fire safety requirements
PVC Floor
PVC Floor
PVC Floor
PVC Floor
PVC Floor
PVC Floor

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