Shot Blaster Machine

We use walk-behind Blastrac 1-10DPS75 shot blaster machine for shot blasting. Machine is perfect for medium to large sized surface preparation applications. This versatile, self-propelled 10” shot blasting unit improves our productivity as it generates a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile when prepping for coatings and overlays or when removing line striping and markings.

Perfect for

  • industrial floors,
  • warehouses,
  • factories,
  • roads and bridges,
  • supermarkets, etc.

the Blastrac 1-10DPS75 is an environmentally sound choice for any surface preparation professional.

Whether it is for internal or external use we are sure to have the perfect service to suit your specific needs.

Our great team of experts are always on hand to discuss the best solution for you, so if you have any questions then make sure you give us a call.

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