decorative coating for floor, walls, furniture
rent option is available
for parkings, hospitals, warehouses, factories, showrooms, athletic facilities, aircraft hangars

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To save your and our time, we carry out our job in the shortest terms

High quality
High quality

The best materials, skilled specialists and professional equipment guarantee high quality of work


Fair anad reasonable prices for our materials and services

Positive reviews
Positive reviews

100% feedbacks left by customers about us are positive. And they are real

Our projects

Materials we use

When it comes to the quality of the materials we use in our projects, we leave nothing to chance.
  • floor screed dry mix
  • self-leveling floor compound
  • primers
  • waterproofing
  • micro-topping, micro-cement
  • epoxy and PU paints, etc.
We don’t stop there — we stand behind materials so firmly. That is why we work hard to earn your trust by delivering better value and greater satisfaction.
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Our services

Shot Blaster Machine

We use walk-behind Blastrac 1-10DPS75 shot blaster machine for shot blasting. Machine is perfect for medium to large sized surface preparation applications. This versatile, self-propelled 10” shot blasting unit improves our productivity as it generates a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile when prepping for coatings and overlays or when removing line striping and markings.

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Shot Blasting Services

Shot blasting is used to clean floors and prepare them for the next finish. If you have a floor that has paint or grease present from industrial operations, shot blasting is an economical way of cleaning your floors, giving them life, and in some cases, adhering to industry guidelines. We can remove different topical applications: epoxy, mastic, paint, glue, plaster, adhesive and many others.

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